WHAT IS Jacques-Elliott?

Not A Person, It’s a WAY OF LIFE.

The TEN Jacques-Elliott COMMANDMENTS:

  1. Jacques-Elliott is a lifestyle and accessories brand designed by style expert/personality Elliot Aronow. Our core product is The Perfect Tie, which we design and manufacture in Brooklyn, NYC.
  2. Jacques-Elliott supports being yourself, beautiful looks, holding the door, cuties, ties, big butts and a positive, active lifestyle. Jacques-Elliott resists consumerism, heteronormativity and shorts, unless you are looking at a body of water in which case JUMP IN!
  3. Jacques-Elliott wants to dress you for fun, dates, interviews, parties and life.
  4. Jacques-Elliott wants to make things that bring you happiness and positive, discreet attention. Jacques-Elliott wants to send them along, with love, from us to u.
  5. You can be a part of Jacques-Elliott whether you are broke or balling. The Jacques-Elliott vibe is in the details. It’s a sensibility, not a status symbol.
  6. Jacques-Elliott is generous. With his time, with his money and with his knowledge. Jacques-Elliott carries people up he doesn’t bring them down.
  7. Jacques-Elliott brings taste, culture, positive vibes and real talk to the internet era. Jacques-Elliott knows you don’t become a better person by “liking” something, you become better by living and learning and sharing,
  8. Jacques-Elliott cooks his special someone eggs the next day. Jacques-Elliott always has two clean towels at his crib.
  9. What Jacques-Elliott wears is not nearly as important as how he thinks and what he values.
  10. Jacques-Elliott wants style to be democratic, dope and didactic.
  11. Now that know what Jacques-Elliott is about, how can you not want more Jacques-Elliott in your life?