SOME WORDS ABOUT Jacques-Elliott

+ Elliot Aronow

“Making Ties Cool Again” – Bloomberg BusinessWeek

“Dope and Totally Wearable” – GQ

“Mr. Aronow has established himself as the go to guy for style advice for metropolitan men.” - The Wall Street Journal (PDF)

“Jacques-Elliott is all about personal, attainable, and sincere style that’s not beholden to rules.” – Esquire 

“When it comes to holding it down and swag in general, Elliot does it and he does it better than the rest. He’s just a really cool guy and he can talk about a lot of interesting stuff and he has great pants.” - Diplo <—watch video

“Elliot is an incredibly smooth dresser and often I ask myself: ‘Why do I bother to wear clothes because I will never look as cool as this man?’” - Mark Ronson <—-watch video

“Our favorite dude about town. One of New York’s coolest influencers.” - Refinery 29