Meet Jacques-Elliott: Welcome 2 The Working Week Fall 13 – Tuesday ft Brooklyn Tailors + Grahame Fowler + Epaulet











To get this cooking, we had some fun mashing up new acquisitions like the big boy Solovair x Epaulet boots and the natty knit tie with busted old favorites; the Brooklyn Tailors Japanese Chambray shirt and a pair of savagely broken in APC jeans. You can give this look a much friendlier vibe by subbing the moon stompers for a loafer or even all white sneakers—so long as they are mad clean. 

Flecked Donegal Slant Pocket Blazer bespoke for Elliot Aronow by Brooklyn Tailors / Knit Tie by Grahame Fowler / Fermenting Unwashed Jeans by APC / 10 Eye Tough Guy Boots by Solovair x Epaulet