Meet Jacques-Elliott: Welcome 2 The Working Week Fall 13 – Wednesday ft Vintage Sack Jacket + APC + Epaulet + Vintage YSL

By jacques Elliott|September 30th, 2013|||||












Look book shoots can sometimes b 2 cool 4 school so we decided to throw this Professorial Suedehead look together literally five minutes before we shot it. It’s really just about Jacques having some fun with textures. The slightly rough sack jacket, the flatness of the matte knit tie, the medium wale (vertical stripe) of the cords, the smoothness of the Chelsea Boots. You can easily sub out a v-neck sweater if the sack jacket feels too formal for your vibes. 

Vintage JC Penney sack jacket (+ alteration: slimmed down sleeve) / Blue Gingham shirt by Brooklyn Tailors / Flecked Wine Drinker Corduroys by Epaulet / Chelsea Boots from APC circa 2011 / Vintage knit tie is from YSL