Meet Jacques-Elliott: Welcome 2 The Working Week Fall 13 – Thurs ft Vintage Brooks Brothers + Brooklyn Tailors + Uniqlo + Vintage Fred Perry










A good general rule for making sure your manhood (all parts of your manhood) can fit into your fall suit is to see if you can slide a thin sweater or sweater vest underneath the jacket. Jacques-Elliott always needs room to breathe so we are glad our denim suit from Brooklyn Tailors passed the test. As for the color scheme, go Mets! 

Japanese Twill Suit (bespoke for Elliot Aronow) by Brooklyn Tailors / Oxford Cloth Button Down by Uniqlo / Vest is Vintage Fred Perry / Paisley Tie is Vintage Brooks Brothers Makers / Socks by Happy Socks / Tasseled Loafers by Allen Edmonds