By Worn And Wound|August 12th, 2013||

Time To Get Jacques  = Our timepiece-focused column penned by our homies/watch experts Worn & Wound

A sports watch is like a well constructed blue blazer—a versatile piece that every Jacques man should own. 

You can choose from many, and dress it up or down with your band/model of choice but for our money, a Seiko 5 is the look. What’s amazing about them is they are genuinely handsome watches with reliable movements that cost less than your average quartz watch.

Seiko being the largest watch manufacturer in the world, there a ton of models to choose from, so we’ve narrowed it down for you. The Seiko 5 SNK809 is perhaps the perfect watch. At around $60 (you read that right) this watch offers simplicity, style and reliability that rivals watches that cost thousands of dollars more.


The military field design is unobtrusive and classic; you can wear this watch with anything. At 37mm in diameter, this is a low profile watch best for small to medium sized wrists. For a different look, try the khaki, blue or green dials options as well.

If you’re looking for a bit more wow, but still want to keep it understated, the Seiko 5 SNZH53 is a great choice. This vintage-inspired diver is sporty and strong,  yet elegant. With applied steel markers, polished case details and deep blue dial and bezel, it’s a sport watch that is totally at home in dressier occasions.



Keep the og bracelet for a formal look, or swap that out for a leather or nylon strap to project a more rugged vibe. This guy measures 42mm wide, so it’s got more mass and presence than the SNK809. The SNZH53 comes in at around $150, which is still truly exceptional. Oh, and if blue ain’t your thing, it’s available in a slew of other colors.

Of course we could go on (email us) about the Seiko 5’s, but these will get you started. No matter what you pick, you are getting a quality mechanical watch that you can be proud to own. But be careful, Seiko 5’s are sort of a gateway drug in watch collecting. They hook you with their exceptional quality, and the low price makes you think, yeah, I can handle a bit more.  

And then you’ll wind up (couldn’t resist) like us.