Got a smartphone? Of course you do. What I won’t do here is tell you WHICH kind of phone to get.  I don’t judge between Android and iPhones. I don’t care about battles between big technology companies (until those battles start making my everyday more tedious and annoying). You should have whatever smart phone pleases you–and by pleases you, I mean makes your life with your friends, family, and your own habits easier and better.

Your phone should help you be more efficient, be more knowledgeable, and empower you to be spontaneous and discover the city and people around you.

Here are some of our favorite apps to help you go on better dates, keep up with current events in real time and find a killer hotel that has nice towels. 


Dating: Jacques recommends HINGE

You’ve been using Tinder–we know. It’s ok. It’s a beautifully designed find-me-a-booty-call app. But if you live in NYC, and you want a little more than just some action, start using Hinge. It matches you with a few friends of friends everyday. It’s like Tinder, but a little less sketchy–so if you’re looking for a little more than a booty call and maybe even some good conversation, look no further than Hinge (launching in other cities soon).


News Updates: Jacques recommends CIRCA

We talked about Pocket last time–and now it’s time to talk about Circa. Want to keep up to date on news events without reading 10 different articles for the next half of an hour? Circa is your new favorite app. Rather than reading a bunch of prose (and this coming from a journalist), check Circa to see breaking news, any updates to a news event you’ve been following, and then get out and live your life. You can spend time reading the analysis of the news event later–but if you’re like me and you don’t want to get bogged down all of the time by lengthy news, this is your new favorite app.


Travel + Transport: Jacques recommends HIPMUNK 

Hipmunk is our favorite flight and hotel searching app–it’s kitschy, quick, and effective. Book that flight on the go with this beautiful interface, and share the flight easily with friends and family. I actually prefer flight search from my phone–probably in part thanks to this app.

And now, it’s time to let you download these apps, meet someone nice, know what’s going down in the world, take a vacation, and live that Jacques life.

- Erica