Dinner? Date? Dinner Date? Or…the Sexy #jacques Guide To Cooking and (maybe) Kissin’ Part I

Dinner? Date? Dinner Date? Or…the Sexy Jacques Guide To Cooking and (maybe) Kissin’ 

I’m sure many of us have headed over to someone’s apartment for dinner unclear if we’re walking into a date or a platonic hang. So how doooooo you tell? There are some clear environmental/personal indicators that will help you figure it all out pretty quickly.



What kind of person are they? If they are a domestic individual this could be an opportunity for them to try out a new dish, further their culinary prowess. If you don’t know them very well and they didn’t identify themselves as an enthusiastic home cook, they might want to do more than chill and grill, you feel me? On with the show…

Do they hug or kiss you as you walk in? Offer you champagne? (Champagne = too much, get a nice Lambrusco, it’s cheap and #blows #minds.)

What did they cook? Pasta with tomato sauce? Probably not romantic unless this is their first time cooking. Foie Gras Crostini followed by a Peach Glazed Porkchop? Romance is in the air although maybe too grand of a gesture.

Quick aside- when in doubt pasta and a grilled vegetable is always a win. 




Are there candles in the room? One= not romantic, more than one= watch out for the cuddles. 

How are the chairs placed? Close together? Across the table? Are you eating side by side on the couch?

Is the TV on? Did they put on a Spanish film from the 70′s or a blockbuster? (You can all do better than a blockbuster unless the intended hang was to smoke some ET and watch said blockbuster.)

Whatever tho, there’s no real science to this stuff. If the vibe is right and they look cute and seem into you and you’re interested, make a move. Jacques may be old fashioned but an invitation to someone’s home for dinner always has more romantic overtones that dinner at a restaurant. If they took the time to clean up, purchase and cook delicious foods and light a candle,  they certainly think you are special either way. Much 2 be happy about.  

If it’s not clear and you’re not interested then you’re fine. If everyone has a few and they make a move then evade or just let them know you didn’t realize it was “this kind of dinner.”

Or wait one more drink and see how you feel. You get the idea. 

Honestly,  if you’re inviting someone over for dinner you should probably use CLEAR language when inviting them so they don’t need to go through these steps to decipher the experience. No games people, no games.

Nothing wrong with saying “let’s have a friendly hang.” And DEFINITELY NOTHING WRONG WITH EATING SOMETHING DELISH AND #MAKING OUT!

- sexy Jacques OUT -