By Elliot Aronow|June 26th, 2013||||

Jacques knows you are busy. Jacques also knows that you want to look great, make that money and take ownership over your personal style. Let’s build. Jacques 101. 

Here’s a little primer on how to achieve Tie/shirt/jacket semi-perfection (perfection is totally uncool) in three steps. 10% effort = 1000x more fly. Read up and rule your world. You got this!



1. Width of your jacket’s lapel = (give or take) width of your tie. If you are going for a slim, mod look (2 3/4 inches or so), rock a thinner tie. More trad, go a bit wider, like 3 to 3 1/2 inches. Fool proof method is to lay the tie on top of the lapel but honestly Jacques only does that once in a while. Just eyeball it and have fun. If you are too busy/lazy to read on, you can follow this one guideline and be at the head of the race.


2. More advanced but still mad easy: casual, button down collar shirts look best with four in hand knots, which make for a compact, funkily asymmetrical style.



Dressier, semi spread collar shirts look best with a 1/2 Windsor. The fatter knot fills up the gap between the collars and gives you an all around cleaner finish. 




3. Matte ties or ties with little shine to them, like this debonair foulard from our shop, are the universal flavor and vibe donors of neckwear. You can rock them with pretty much any fabric and for any occasion. If they seem wild, you can wear them with a grey suit or a blazer and blue jeans and be regarded as a man with solid taste. If they seem tame, clash them with a gingham shirt or tweed jacket. Freaks welcomed.



If, however, you want to be a bit more dressy, something with a slight silky shine to it, like this vintage Brooks Brothers model from our shop, will always lend an air of class and distinction. If you are winning something or sitting in an assigned seat that is not on an airplane, it’s always a nice touch.


side note: It should be mentioned that Jacques prefers matte ties since they don’t have to be cleaned very often and only look better with age. Silk will always be a class act but you need to smooth out them creases every so often. When you need someone to handle that for you, our friends at Tiecrafters receive our highest possible recommendation. Ask for Andy tell them Jacques sent you.